Asset types

Conventional Market Rate

The mainstay of Stellar Capital Partners, consisting of assets constructed between 1970 to 1990 with no rent restrictions or affordability requirements. This provides Stellar with the greatest flexibility when implementing investment plans for the specific asset.

Affordable Housing

These are assets having some kind of rent restriction or affordability requirement. Stellar believes these assets are a great opportunity because they can be acquired at a lower basis than traditional market rate assets and typically have strong demand.

Student Housing

Stellar believes there are great opportunities within close proximity to universities for conventional market rate properties to be extensively rehabbed and repositioned into student housing. 

Senior Housing

Growing demographic demand and the specific needs of todays senior citizens presents opportunities in this product type.


We are currently active or looking
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Stellar takes a long-term view of markets it invests in. We prefer markets with strong economic fundamentals indicating future growth and a history of low volatility. We seek multifamily markets with favorable supply/demand conditionals, high renter propensities, decreasing home affordability and sustainable demand characteristics. Today, Stellar exclusively pursues a disciplined Value-Add Strategy earning above-market returns for its investors.

Asset types

Stellar seeks to increase its assets through the following activities:

Repositions & Rehabilitation

The repositioning, rehabilitation and stabilization of a non-performing or distressed property is Stellar’s specialty. We take a great deal of pride in the many years of unique experience in repositioning properties by developing a creative plan, utilizing unique strategies and thinking outside the box.

Generic formulas rarely achieve the maximization of a property’s value. Each individual property requires detailed analysis. Although the ultimate and primary objective is to increase a property’s exit value, there are a wide variety of components specific to each particular property. Stellar has had unparalleled success in the repositioning of commercial properties. In most cases, relatively modest capital investments, combined with the property’s unique reintroduction to the marketplace, have resulted in significantly higher market lease rates and higher value.

Real Estate Owned

Stellar actively seeks out opportunities where multifamily assets have been foreclosed on by the lender. Lender’s are not multifamily operators and therefore are looking to dispose of those assets as quickly as possible. Stellar see’s this as an opportunity to acquire assets far below market costs and establish a low basis in the property.

Short Sale

When properties are on the verge of being foreclosed on the current owner needs to sell quickly in order to salvage some of the value in the asset. Stellar is able to move very quickly on transactions such as this due to our vast market knowledge and quick due diligence process.

Acquisition Criteria


- Minimum 100 units or more
- Transaction size of $4 MIL or more


- Secondary markets or larger
- Improving neighborhoods with good job growth
- Signs of improving demographics and rental growth


- Walk Up Garden Style
- 1970-1990
- Pitched Roofs
- Individual A/C's
- All Cash or Loan Assumptions on a case by case basis
- Value Add opportunities (i.e. - Income growth, Expense reduction, Repositioning, Distressed debt, Operational deficiencies)

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