Stellar Capital Partners

Using our unique value-add investment platform, we discover and create high-return and capital gain opportunities in multifamily investments.

Value-Add. Before the term was coined, Stellar Capital Partners specialized in identifying undervalued assets and creating value through operational and physical improvements. Today, Stellar exclusively pursues a disciplined Value-Add Strategy earning above-market returns for its investors.


Stellar Capital Partners utilizes catalytic research and best-in-class analysis to discover and capitalize on opportunity in multifamily investments.

Through the use of its PRISM™ Technology (Proprietary Research and Investment Selection Methodology), Stellar identifies dislocations of asset value which guides the initial steps of our investment process. Whether macro market or submarket changes, asset level analysis or owner evaluations, PRISM ™ provides a competitive advantage and greater investment performance.

Each potential investment is evaluated through Converg+™; Stellar’s rigorous 10-Point Analysis System. Converg+™ focuses on the drivers of performance for the multifamily investment, identifying and evaluating past, present and forecasted conditions and their degree of alignment with investment success criteria established by Stellar over 40 years of successful investing.